Be respectful boy!

I am a mature and very strict Headmistress with my own fantasy Edwardian schoolroom and study in Manchester, catering for adult men with a naughty schoolboy fetish.  Naughty boys are called to my study to be punished with the cane, slipper or strap on the punishment bench or across my knee!


If you are a naughty or disobedient boy then you must call me immediately so that I can mete out the behaviour correcting punishment that you need.

Every naughty boy is different and your punishment will be tailored to you... from mild chastisement and humiliation to a very red bottom indeed!


I can be your best friend or your physical nemesis... mild and considerate or strict and physical if that is what you need!

See my one-on-one tutorial rates here... or you can click here to learn how to find my Edwardian schoolroom...

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